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Are these problems related to your institution too?

  • Difficult to find trainers for all Computer Courses
  • Lack of training material for students
  • How to provide 100% practical training
  • Difficulty in revision for students not having PC/Laptop at home
  • How and from where to get newly updation of IT courses and trainings
  • Difficult to maintain online record of students
  • More difficult to maintain record of fees and providing receipts
  • Lack of Online Examination System
  • Difficulty in finding answers to difficult questions
  • Lack of Valid Certification
  • Difficulty in verification of certificate by students
  • Difficult to find new students
  • Difficult to create online presence
  • Can we go online workouts with our center
  • Difficulty in sending notices to all the students
  • Difficulty in keeping old students in touch
  • Difficulty in making difference & creating brand value
  • How to follow target job with courses
  • How to get newly updation of
  • How to use Digital Marketing for promotion
  • How to get material for online/offline add
  • How and where to get technical backup support

We have One Solution of Your All Problems!

We Support Small Institutions that dream big.

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Learning was never so easy , while watching you can learn and become master in any subject. Start learning at your speed and sitting at your home. To learn easily our Video tutorials guide you each and every step, We have training starting from basic to advance like Windows 7 , Windows 10, Ms-office , Languages , Cad Software , Accounts + GST trainings , Desktop Publishing Trainings ,Web designing courses like WordPress and many more topics having complete and detail trainings of each topic.

Online Exam helps a student in testing his skills. Student can take practice and final exams and can get easily certification from there Under Any Smarto Authorize Study Center. Click Here is the preview of Smarto Certification.

Online Verification helps a student in getting job easily, because the certificate that the student have can be verified online very easily, so no one can challenge its authenticity.

Wonder English is a software developed by Smarto Systems, that can train you or your students in Spoken English.

It is a kind of unique software, in short, a smart friend to make you speak smarter. So, Wonder English can do wonders in anyone’s life.

SmartO helps its students in increasing its chances of placement. We have an Open Job Portal where anyone can submit his/her resume, and this resume database is shown publicly to everyone, from where anyone looking for a right candidate can get the resume freely. Its openness is its uniqueness, and this increases the chances of placement, as resumes are being displayed publicly.

Smarto Systems provides Smarto One Online Center Management Panel to make 


Our Goal is to provide maximum benefit to the institute, so that even a small institute can get better training resour assistance.

  1. One Area One Center Policy (Radius 5 Kms)
  2. Written Contract \ Authorization Letter Of SmartO Center
  3. Teacher Training For SmartO Systems VTS \Wonder English
  4. Pamphlet \ Flex Designs
  5. Counseling Files (Computer & English) Center File
  6. Complete Teacher \ Student Study Material Kit (All topics)
  7. Visual Add For Center
  8. Embed SmartO Links In Your Center’s Website
  9. Free Life Time Material Membership ( Till Contract Period )
  10. Demo Licenses For Self Branding
  • Video training language is in hindi so anybody can learn from these DVDs.
  • After Watching you ask only required questions, as you are ready now.
  • Visual revision is a great method to learn than reading , as you watch each and every step.
  • Video Training is 80% more effective then reading books.

Online Verification helps a student in getting job easily, because the certificate that the student have can be verified online very easily, so no one can challenge its authenticity.

  • Our System is widely accepted, so it has huge demand.
  • We do advertise and Partners get the leads.
  • Lifetime earning if a partner joins any single institute.
  • You provide each and every lecture same wheather it’s a first lecture in morning or last lecture in evening
  • Writing work is less and students can revise at their home and attend more practical classes than theory classes.
  • Absenteeism doesn’t effect the course syllabus and can easily be covered by dvd’s training method.
  • Most of the books are in English, but we have Computer Study Material in Hindi, this helps in creating basic understanding of Computer to the students in rural schools.
  • Video study material to all the students in a school.
  • Empowers a school with quality teaching and modern teaching techniques.